Monday, December 6, 2010

I Am Writing A Book

I'm writing a book.
I know I already did a post about this a few years back,
But this is different.
New story.
New Characters.
New Plot.
New Book.

In elementary school they brought in authors
they talked to you about their book
read it to you
and sold signed copies.
It was pretty cool.
I only wish they did that now.
If they did, I definitely would be a lot more interested.

It's always been my dream to write and publish a book.
It is on my "Bucket-List"
I want to get it published before I graduate from high school.
That way if my English teacher contradicts me on my writing
I can be all up in their grills and say,
"Have you ever written and published a book before yo?"

I want to make it a long story.
Unlike my last attempt which was a full length novel in my mind
that took up 15 minutes of your reading time.
It is harder than you would think.
And I know getting it published will be even harder.

But I still have hope.



riahbelle3 said...

hahahaha. Kenna you can do it. I have faith in you. Yo.

kool kenna said...

when did you decide to use blog again? are you gunna start a new one??
thank you. :)

KEK said...

you can do it kenna! i can't wait to read it, either! haha i hope you do say that to your teacher, that would be awesome :)
keep it up!!! :D

Beth said...

hahahaha that would be sooo funny! hahahah thats so cool. im writing a book too, about a girl who gets trapped in a book, and has to find her way out again... good luck kenna! see you soon! love ya!