Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

This morning I started out with a walk with my mom.
I love her.
We walked around our neighborhood (2 miles I believe)
and then got ready for church.
After, we ate lunch with the Superintendent and his wife.
Salad and chicken. A great lunch.
71 degrees outside afterwards.
My mom, dad and I sat out of course!
Tanning and catching the rays.
A robin, we noticed was sitting on our chair next to the house.
We thought it was looking at itself in the window.
The robin flew away and we heard rustling.
It stopped.
We heard it again.
"Are they building a nest on our roof?" My mom asked.
The rustling again.
"Maybe a baby fell in the window well!"
I jumped up and ran over to the window looking into our basement.
Yup. There it was. Baby robin, flapping around in the leaves.
"So that's why the other bird was standing there. Its it's mommy"
Standing over, watching her child. Wanting to help, but can't.
I ran and got some gloves.
I wonder what my neighbors thought.
A girl in a striped bikini wearing garden gloves, running through the yard.
I picked up the squawking bird (after a few tries) and set him in our garden.
A few minutes later we saw him hopping across the yard towards two other robins waiting by the tree.
Reunited and it feels so good
Fifteen or so minutes later my mom yells from the other side of the house.
"There is another baby in this window!"
I grab my gloves and go over.
Its the same one.
Stupid bird.
I grabbed him again and set him out on the mulch.
As I'm climbing out myself, I see him hopping towards the next one,
and he falls in.
I get into that window well and grab him out.
And make sure he heads towards his parents.
I hope he doesn't fall in again.
My dad just thinks its funny how loud I would scream when I would try to pick him up.
Hours later I am home alone and I look out my window.
There he is.
My sweet, stupid birdie.
Trying to climb up the tree.
He can't fly.
How will he get back to his nest?
How will he stay warm and safe tonight?
I feel bad and say a prayer.
"God help him get in that tree."
I see his mom hop over.
Closer and closer.
I hope she can help somehow.
She flies into the tree.
I hope he will do the same.
But he can't fly...
She leaves and goes across the road.
Landing in the street.
Picks up something, and brings it back.
A worm.
Quickly she drops it in his mouth and flies back in the tree,
watching her son.
I walk away.
His mom protecting him. Watching out for him.
He'll be safe.

Happy Mothers Day.



KEK said...

love it :) that must have felt really good to have that happen! sounds awesome :)
Sounds like a sign to me, showing that just like the robin, your mom is always watching over you as well, keeping you safe. :)
Love ya!

Kulio said...

Kara I love your comment! It's true, this post starts out with you walking with your mom, and ends with you seeing that same relationship between birds...

okay that sounded really weird coming out but it was profound in my head.

Love the post, Kenna :-)

kool kenna said...

hah thanks. you both got the point of this <3 haha

Crydo said...

That is some awesome writing! Nice - thanks Kenna, you made me cry and made my day!