Thursday, July 12, 2012


My dad plays basketball everyday.
Why shouldn't he?
He has his own court.

Today he asked me if I wanted to play with him.
After about twenty minutes,
 I pulled myself away from the computer and went down to the gym.

He had the timer going and was keeping score against himself.
I jumped in and tried (and failed) to steal the ball.
Once he scored he gave it to me and I ran,
dribbling down the court.

I started to laugh and the ball was going lower and lower
losing all bounce.
I chased the rolling ball giggling like a maniac while my dad yelled "Don't let it cross the line!"
It crossed.

He got the ball back and scored more points.
It was my turn again and this time I held onto the ball until I got to the other end of the court.
I was running to fast to stop when I shot for the basket,
 the ball hit the backboard, came back, and hit me in the face.
My dad said "It's all about control."

I did manage to score two points after that.
He scored five.
He said I didn't have to play if I didn't want to.

But he let me keep score and hit the buzzer.

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